Why HR

Why HR?

I am writing to describe my experience with HR Lubricating Jelly. I have utilized the product for multiple uses in the field of obstetrics intermittently over a fifteen-year period. These uses include assisting with patient examinations as well as unique applications for enhancement of sonographic imaging. In all uses to date, I have not had a adverse event related to use of the product. I have not had a patient complain of burning or discomfort after examination attributable to its use. No other safety concerns have been observed during this observation period.

John O'Brien, MD | Director, Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Mayo Clinic Rochester did a complete full validation of the HR Lubricating Jelly before implementing on our campus. The Mayo Rochester validation was completed from a teratogenic stand point, potential for adverse effect on PAP smears, any potential for REI or GYN lab testing implications. Mayo Florida and Mayo Arizona also moved to HR Lubricating Jelly from the Chester/Medline product and SurgiLube.

David J. Lampat, R.N | Clinical Value Analyst - Mayo Clinic

Since I began selling medical supplies in 1976, I saw many thousand of boxes of HR Lubricating Jelly pass through our warehouse doors. "HR96" (as we knew it) was one of our most popular items, and our company sold it virtually every day. I was very pleased to learn of HR's return to the market, and am looking forward to helping build sales with a new generation of customers that will no doubt appreciate the value and quality of these great products!

Steve Dennison | Assistant Vice President - IMCO

I would like to share with you our HRģ Lubricating Jelly One Shot™ Sachet success story. I have been in the field of Colon Hydrotherapy for over 30 years and the manufacturer of Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy units and speculums. Our disposable speculum kit consists of one speculum, obturator, tubing and a sterile lubricant packet; occasionally we will upgrade and improve our products for added customer satisfaction, when we changed to the HRģ Lubricating Jelly One Shot™ Sachet, the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks again for a great product.

Mary Ruth Baker | President - Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy

We had our CAP (College of American Pathology) inspection yesterday, while talking with the cytology inspector the problem of unsatisfactory specimen due to lubricant came up. Turns out they are also experiencing a major problem. So of course I gave her your information as a place to start. They, I believe, do about 70,000 Papís a year and are a reference lab in Indiana. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help. Our Papís have been looking great. Thanks for all your help.

Mary Wicklund CT | Cytology Technical Consultant - Holland Hospital

I am a diabetic with urinary retention and self catheterize every five to six hours. I've been doing this for over three years. During this time, I've used several brands of lubricant and at present using Surgilube, which I purchase at Kaiser Permanente, my health care provider. As Surgilube irritates my penis, I asked Byram Healthcare, who provides my catheters through medicare, if they could send me a different lubricant. They sent me a tube of HR lubricant for me to try. This is the best lubricant I have used. It is non irritating and with the flip cap, is very easy to handle.

E.C. | Retired - Lakewood, CO

We used to purchase the Triad brand of Lubricating Jelly, as well as the Surgilube. Once the recall hit us and the Surgilube was backordered, we were using the Dynarex brand as a replacement, and getting quite a few customers who didn't like the consistency. Once we switch most of our customers to your brand, the complaints stopped and everyone seems to like it, and I'm extremely happy that our customers are pleased. Thank you for making such a superior product!

John Robertsen | Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks so much for the samples of HR Lubricating Jelly; two of four HDR vaginal brachy therapy radiation treatments are done. No problem with HR Lubricating Jelly, I'm so glad I contacted you; radiation is hard enough but to add burning and discomfort that continues long afterward because of the cheap lubricant the hospital uses would have been torture.

I finished treatment at the end of July and I carry HR Lubricating Jelly to all my gynecological appointments and always recommend it to all who tell me they are having a problem; recovery is very slow but I do feel I am making progress. PET scan was clear; so far so good! Hope your company is doing well. You make a superior product.

Mary Langford | Larchmont, NY

To all of you incredible people at EcoVue, specifically Chris Wiesman, Jon Wiesman, Brooke Smith, and James Pilsner ~ THANK YOU! I have stage 4 breast cancer and have been doing daily home SonoDynamic therapy treatments with an ultrasound machine. I was using an ultrasound gel that was toxic and used artificial coloring, which felt so contrary to my healing. I researched and found EcoVue online, and discovered that they use natural ingredients, paraben-free, propylene glycol free, and contain no chemical contaminants. I explained my situation, and asked for samples. Not only did they send me samples, they sent me enough EcoVue gel to last an entire year. I cried tears of joy, because this cancer journey has put me 0,000 into debt from all the treatments that are not covered by insurance. EcoVue's compassion, kindness, and commitment to making a high quality sustainable non-toxic product are so refreshing. Bravo to all of you for making the world a better place!!!

Suzanne | Cancer Patient

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