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HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Flagship Product HR Lubricating Jelly

Transonic Systems Inc., an industry leader in transit time ultrasound and providing real-time, accurate, intuitive, and reliable flow measurement, has conducted an evaluation of HR® Lubricating Jelly and concluded that HR™’s ultrasound transmission velocity is considered to be an extremely close match to blood at body temperature. Thus HR® Lubricating Jelly provides a contact layer with the absence of air (air blocks ultrasound) which does not interfere with the ultrasound measurements. “Some of the ultrasound gels on the market introduce a layer of different ultrasound velocity, which changes the angles of the ultrasound. This interferes with the measurements. We are pleased you have made HR® jelly available again” said Mark S. Alsberge, Vice President of Medical & Regulatory Affairs for Transonic Systems.

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