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Five Ways To Build Trust With Your Patients

If you are operating a medical facility of any sort, whether it’s a full service hospital or a small family clinic, it is important to build a high level of trust between you and your patients. Trust is the foundation for any good relationship and in the case of medical care providers and their clients, the story is no different. Building that trust can take time and can feel difficult. However, it can be achieved when you implement a few key steps.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are passionate about the topic of trust. We supply medical lubricant that our clients know they can count on for quality and safety, every time. Just as our goal is to build a relationship of trust with you, we know your goal is to build the same with your patients. Read on to learn more about the five ways you can build trust between you and your patients.

#1: Make Clear Communication A Priority

The first step in building trust between you and your patient is to prioritize clear communication. As is true of any relationship, clear communication is the best way to ensure wires are not crossed and that everyone is on the same page. From the first time you greet a new patient to the moment you say goodbye, make sure you are constantly striving for crystal clear communication.

Clear communication should involve some of the following qualities:


  • An unrushed approach: If you are in a hurry to glaze through one patient’s appointment to get on to the next, you run the risk of fogging your communication. Clear communication takes time. It requires both parties to reiterate points and to ensure clarity. Be sure you slow down and double-check that things were understood.
  • A desire to learn: Both you and your patient should approach any appointment with a desire to learn from each other. You should be learning more about who your patient is, what their specific needs are, and how they are currently feeling about their health. They should be there to learn how you can help and what approach they can take to solve any existing issues.
  • An ongoing conversation: Good communication involves constantly putting more into the relationship. Never let your appointment be the end of communication. Simple reminders for your client about upcoming appointments, checking in with them on new medication they were prescribed, or leaving an open door for questions can all go a long way in ensuring communication remains clear.


A lack of trust often is the result of miscommunication. This can lead to hurt feelings, frustration, and damaged communication down the road. Take a proactive stance and strive for clear, open lines of communication between you and your patients.

#2: Take Time To Simply Listen

One of the best ways you can build trust is by simply listening. Being heard and understood is one of the best feelings a human can have. When you provide a listening ear, you allow your patient to know you are a safe place to talk and that you will take the time to truly hear them out.


Listening is more than just a passive act of hearing someone’s voice. It involves engaging to ensure you are hearing correctly. When a patient shares something important to you, parrot what you heard back to them with the following type of formula:

“What I heard you saying is that ________. Is that correct?”


By listening actively, you can achieve a great level of trust as your patient will feel confident that you are operating with the right information about their health and their life.The more you practice this activity, the more it will become second nature. You will find this tactic will serve you well in all relationships.

#3: Deliver On Your Promises

A fast way to damage trust is to not come through on a promise. If you tell a patient you will do something, you need to deliver on that promise. Broken promises will quickly destroy any existing trust. It can be difficult at times when you don’t always have control over the variables of a situation but do your best to always stick to what your word was.


A good rule of thumb is to promise conservatively and deliver extravagantly. Doing more than was promised will never harm trust but doing less certainly will. When you aren’t positive about what you can deliver, do not promise or guarantee it. Be transparent with your clients and explain when something simply cannot be guaranteed.


If you do break a promise, make sure you express your regret and practice the three important words, “I am sorry.” Trust can be rebuilt when promises are broken but only if you truly seek to make amends.

#4: Practice Empathy

In the medical field, people are often coming to you at their worst. They are stressed, possibly facing a health crisis, and likely overwhelmed by the unknown. It is easy to lose your empathy after years in the field, slowly building a tough wall around your heart because you have seen it all. However, for your patient, whatever they are facing is probably a first for them and probably quite terrifying.

Make sure that you always practice empathy with your patients. Offering true care and concern goes a long way in putting your patient at ease and building a rapport of trust. This trust will become crucial when, down the road, you are asking your patient to follow your directives. No one wants to trust their health in the hands of someone who seems callous to their pain or struggle.

#5: Only Use Supplies From Trusted Providers

Trust is about more than just how you interact with your patients, it is also about what medical supplies they encounter under your care. It is critical that you choose to purchase supplies from only providers you absolutely trust.

The cycle of trust will always be broken by the weakest link. Don’t let your medical supply provider be that weak link. Here at HR Pharmaceuticals, we provide high-quality medical lubricant. We believe strongly that those who choose to purchase our products should be able to trust intrinsically that they will always receive a premium product. Our medical lubricating jelly is water soluble, non-spermicidal, kosher, latex free, and depended on by medical professionals around the country.

If you would like to learn more about purchasing medical supplies through HR Pharmaceuticals, we invite you to reach out and contact us today.

How HR Lubricating Jelly is a Superior Product

At HR Pharmaceuticals®, our mission is to consistently deliver superior product quality, extraordinary product performance, and innovative ideas and products for personal care, consumer, and medical supply products. A company cannot simply put in their mission statement that they want to provide superior and extraordinary products, deliver ordinary products, and be considered a success. For this reason, HR Pharmaceuticals backs it up with features and benefits that unequivocally define our products as superior to the alternatives. Take, for instance, our HR Lubricating Jelly, a premium universal medical lubricant. We have been perfecting our formula since its inception in 1925. When you purchase a tube of our lubricating jelly, you will get some amazing benefits. We’d like to take a minute to highlight some of them.



Kosher Certified

We are proud to offer a product that has been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union because this means that we can service patients and providers that adhere to the strict Kosher standards of quality and manufacturing. This means that providers and patients can confidently use our products without risking compromising their beliefs or delaying treatment.


Water Soluble

Creating water-soluble products means there is quick and easy cleanup, and that it won’t stain fabric surfaces that it comes into contact with. It also means that it will not seperate or challenge bodily fluids; rather, it will work with natural lubricating processes.


Sterile Bacteriostatic

Additional steps are taken in the manufacturing process to ensure the sterility of our lubricating jellies, knowing what our products are used for. Our products are also bacteriostatic, which means that you and your patients don’t have to worry about whether or not the lubricant used was a carrier of pathogens.


Premium Viscosity

The whole purpose of medical lubricant is to provide a slick surface, and maintaining viscosity is important. HR® Lubricating Jelly maintains its integrity better than any other medical lubricant, ensuring maximal patient comfort.


Dye, Latex, Paraben, Polyethylene Glycol, and Chlorhexidine Free

We seek to reduce the inclusion of any unnecessary chemicals in our products. Dyes and latex are unnecessary and only add the risk of allergies to our products. By eliminating them, we can help a broader range of patients. Parabens and Polyethylene Glycol are not necessarily unsafe, but can cause skin irritation and sensitivity in some people. To make our products safe for <i>all</i> people, we removed them. Additionally, unlike our SurgiLube Surgical Lubricant, we have removed the chlorhexidine in our HR Lubricating Jelly which kills micro-flora and sperm. HR Lubricating Jelly is safe to use in reproductive procedures. Additionally, we should mention, our products are also fragrance-, salt-, and alcohol-free.


Universal Lubricant

HR Lubricating Jelly is safe to use for any internal or topical procedure. This eliminates the need to stock different products and reduces staff confusion when selecting a product. Although we also produce surgical lubricant and ultrasound gel, HR Lubricating Jelly can be used for all of it. Our lubricating jelly is used for a wide variety of invasive medical procedures, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, and ultrasound. For any lubricant need, you only need to grab one tube, HR Lubricating Jelly.


For the superior medical lubricant, trust the number one manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience. HR Pharmaceuticals® takes pride in providing natural, American-made products for the medical community. In the 1020s, HR helped develop the Pap Smear and provided the right product for the procedure. Although the packaging and the formula has changed slightly over time, there has never been an FDA recall, and the values of the company remain the same. Trust the integrity of HR Lubricating Jelly for all of your lubricant needs. For more information about our products, visit us online or contact us today!

Tips For Maintaining A Safe Medical Facility

A medical facility should be a place where people are comfortable and their safety never comes into question. Not only should your patients feel they are in a place of safety, your staff should feel this way as well. Safety is not something that simply happens on its own. It is something you have to constantly work to achieve and it requires an ongoing analysis of operations to retain. Safety should always be top of your mind and a constant place for improvement.


If you are looking to ensure your medical facility is a safer place, we have compiled a few helpful tips to aid you in this pursuit. As providers of sterile lubricant, we are passionate about ensuring healthcare providers have access to quality supplies that will improve safety for their patients. Reach out anytime to speak to us about the array of sterile lubricating gel we provide.


Don’t Sacrifice Procedures For Speed

With the consumer focus most medical facilities are taking today, it is important to remember you cannot allow patients’ wants to supercede important procedures. Many patients are focused on a speedy experience, which can lead medical staff to cutting corners to provide faster service. While it is important to make processes efficient and to ensure a patient has as smooth of an experience as possible, you cannot allow speed to cut into important safety procedures.


Be sure that your staff takes every precaution they should, regardless of how fast they are trying to move. Important things, such as washing hands, sterilizing equipment, and prepping rooms before new patients arrive should never be skipped over. Create an emphasis in your culture on safety taking precedence over speed.


Reward your staff for choosing to prioritize safety and cleanliness in your medical facility. Simple rewards can go a long way in demonstrating what environment you are aiming for.

Try To Prevent Employee Turnover

While at first it may not seem to have any correlation to safety and cleanliness, employee turnover can actually take a toll on your facility’s safety. Long-term employees are well trained in your facilities procedures and have years of experience practicing both efficiency and safety hand-in-hand. When you lose staff frequently, you have to go through a long process of training new staff members about your procedures.

During the training period, a lot of small steps can be overlooked and the things that are done to keep your facility safe can be missed. If you retain senior staff, you will always have a watchful eye to keep close tabs on new hires. This can help not only improve the safety of your facility but also the speed in which things run.


Preventing employee turnover means investing in your staff to ensure their happiness and overall satisfaction. While you will always lose some employees over time, you should make it your goal to retain your top staff members. Take the time to make sure they know they are appreciated. Create a culture in which long-term employees are rewarded for their investment in your facility. If you see a trend of employee turnover, ask yourself why? Conduct exit interviews and seek honest feedback from your longest employed staff members.

Create An Open And Transparent Culture

In order to ensure true safety at your medical facility, you need your staff members to feel safe asking questions and in calling attention to unsafe practices. A transparent culture helps to prevent things from going unchecked due to a fear of repercussions.


Creating an open culture takes time and requires those in charge to express an honest appreciation for feedback. Make sure there are easy ways for staff members to communicate about potential safety issues. Open up these lines of communication to even your most junior staff members. The greater openness that you build, the safer your medical facility will be. When everyone is invited to the table to share their ideas and to call attention to unsafe practices, you benefit from the intelligence of many minds, rather than just the brains of those at the top.


Ensure You Are Properly Staffed At All Times

One sure fire way to undermine the safety of your medical facility is to not properly staff the place. It is imperative that you staff your facility with enough people to ensure that no one is rushed or cutting corners. When you are understaffed, not only will your patient’s safety be put at risk but so will your employees.

Rushed medical staff will often cut corners on their own well-being. They might skip important breaks, leading to a lack of mental clarity and exhaustion. They also might not take the time they need to eat a nutritious meal, which will take a toll on their physical and mental health.


The bottom line is that in order to operate a safe medical facility, you must be properly staffed. When you have enough people handling each job and task, they can take the time needed to do things right and they can take the time to care for their own health while they are at it. Start hiring more staff today if you realize that being understaffed is the root of your safety issues.

Invest In Continual Training

Continual training for your staff is one of the best investments you can possibly make. Even if you have senior staff who have been working in the medical industry for years, safety refresher courses are always a wise plan. It never hurts to be overtrained but a lack of understanding and knowledge can lead to serious gaps in safety.


Arm your staff with the latest in safety training. The medical field is constantly evolving and procedures and processes need to keep up in order to remain relevant. Ensure safety by integrating the best technology you can on a continual basis and by training your staff in the proper use of new procedures and technology.

Carry Quality Supplies

Every supply you carry in your medical facility should be high-quality and come from a trusted manufacturer. By controlling what supplies you utilize at your facility, you can improve safety and efficiency. Having an inventory of items your staff can count on will go a long way in running a safe facility.


At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are passionate about creating safety in the medical field through the creation of proper supplies. We are a trusted provider of sterile lubricating gel, which ensures staff members and patients are safe and that their health is put first. Our sterile jelly is utilized across the country for numerous medical uses and our bacteriostatic lubricating jelly is chosen because of the trust medical providers place in our name. Our sterile lubricant packets are particularly effective in helping operate a safe medical facility. Created to help reduce waste and the risk of cross contamination, these single use packets are the perfect addition to your inventory.


We hope you continue to place a high emphasis on safety at your medical facility. We look forward to aiding you in creating a safe and productive environment. Reach out today to learn more about our products.

What To Look For In A Medical Lubricant Supplier

Choosing a provider for any medical supply requires careful consideration. After all, your patients depend upon you for quality service, which includes any supplies they will come into contact with during their visit. You do not want to settle for products that will let your patients down nor do you want products that your staff cannot count on.

When you are looking for a medical lubricant supplier, you are likely looking for a very specific quality and type of medical lubricant gel. Whether you are looking for something that is specifically latex free, kosher, water soluble, or other, you need to know you can trust the product you end up with in stock.


Before you order your next round of medical lubricant for your inventory, take the following qualities into consideration, all of which your medical lubricant supplier should portray.

A Company Requirement For Quality

If the medical lubricant supplier you are conversing with does not bring up quality as one of their top priorities, move on. Quality should be the backbone of their company and should be a value that is emphasized throughout their business. When choosing a medical lubricant, be sure you ask about what their quality commitment is and how that is upheld by their company.

Look into the details about the company as well. Do they sacrifice quality to cut costs? A product with a cheap price tag may seem appealing up front but take the time to consider what quality loss has occurred to reach that price point. A trustworthy company should be unwilling to cut corners on quality even if it means a higher cost. Remember, every product you choose to place in your medical facility will be a direct reflection upon you to your patients. Be sure you uphold their trust in your quality services by only choosing the highest quality products.

A Dedicated Customer Focus

When you start researching a medical lubricant company, take time to consider where they put their priority. You should only opt for a business that is 100 percent committed to a strong customer focus. Think about the future with this company. Will they provide you with the customer support you need even after they make their sale? What kind of a track record do they have with other clients?

To get a feel for how focused they are on their customers, take note on how well they communicate with you throughout the decision-making process. Do they seem to care about your needs more than just closing a deal? Feel free to also ask for references of other medical facilities who have chosen their products. The bottom line is that you, as the customer, should always come first.

A Desire To Build Trust

Another value a company providing medical lubricant should have high on their list is trust. They should work hard to build trust between you and their team. Trustworthiness should be a key guiding principle, as no relationship can be built without it.


Trust should be created through transparent communication and should be demonstrated through a reliable reputation. A trustworthy company will have a proven track record of treating their clients well. It should also be a constant goal, reached through superior customer service and the delivery of products that exceed quality standards.


If you do not feel that you can trust a supplier of medical lubricant, then you should look elsewhere. You are working to build trust with your own patients and your medical supplier should be doing the same for you. When in doubt, go with your gut and never settle for anything less than complete trustworthiness.


The company you choose to work with should hold themselves to a high standard of integrity. Integrity begins from the ground up. Every single employee you interact with from the medical supplier should act with extreme integrity. A good rule of thumb we ask our employees at HR Pharmaceuticals is “Would the action be acceptable if the whole world was watching?”


Integrity cannot be compromised. You should demand a high-level of integrity from your medical lubricant supplier because your patients demand it from you. Make sure that you know you can trust every aspect of a supplier’s business. From the products they make to the customer service they provide, everything should stand up against the test of integrity.



A truly admirable medical lubricant supplier will care about more than the bottom line. Does the company you are working with give back to their local community? Whether they give back through financial donations or volunteer time and resources, community should be important to their business.


When you choose a supplier who values community, you are in turn also contributing to those communities. Support a company that is supporting others. Making the world a better place begins with each individual person and each company we support.


Similar to the above sentiment, ask any medical lubricant supplier what their stance is on sustainability. As you work to operate a more environmentally friendly medical facility, partner with companies who also value this.

For example, here at HR Pharmaceuticals, we believe strongly in doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint. Since all the way back in 2010, we have worked hard to reduce our overall materials for packaging and we have decreased our packaging consumption by 30 percent.


Make sure that the medical lubricant supplier you choose is doing their part to create a more sustainable medical world.


HR Lubricating Jelly

Here at HR Pharmaceuticals, we look forward to talking to you about becoming your provider of medical lubricant. Our HR lubricating jelly is a trusted product for countless medical providers around the country. If you are looking for a water-soluble, kosher, latex-free jelly, we have you covered. We will be happy to discuss the variety of products we carry to see if we have the right fit for your needs.

We invite you to speak to one of our team members today about what makes us a unique company and why we want to strive to be your chosen provider for medical lubricants.

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Flagship Product HR Lubricating Jelly

Transonic Systems Inc., an industry leader in transit time ultrasound and providing real-time, accurate, intuitive, and reliable flow measurement, has conducted an evaluation of HR® Lubricating Jelly and concluded that HR™’s ultrasound transmission velocity is considered to be an extremely close match to blood at body temperature. Thus HR® Lubricating Jelly provides a contact layer with the absence of air (air blocks ultrasound) which does not interfere with the ultrasound measurements. “Some of the ultrasound gels on the market introduce a layer of different ultrasound velocity, which changes the angles of the ultrasound. This interferes with the measurements. We are pleased you have made HR® jelly available again” said Mark S. Alsberge, Vice President of Medical & Regulatory Affairs for Transonic Systems.

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HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Kosher Certification

HR® Pharmaceutical Inc. has announced that HR Lubricating Jelly & HR Clini-Clean Hand sanitizer achieved the Kosher certification by the Orthodox Union. For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has maintained the highest standard of Kosher certification; today, the OU supervises more than 400,000 products, making it the world’s most recognized and most trusted Kosher symbol.

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Showcase HR Lubricating Jelly and HR Clini-Clean at the 25th

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will be showcasing its product line at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Conference from June 25-27, 2010. Nurse practitioners and distributors visiting from around the world can visit HR Pharmaceuticals at booth #1228 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will be hosting a product showcase at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Nurses Exposition from May 18-20, 2010. Practitioners and distributors visiting from around the world can visit HR Pharmaceuticals at booth #3643 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

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