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Five Ways To Build Trust With Your Patients

If you are operating a medical facility of any sort, whether it’s a full service hospital or a small family clinic, it is important to build a high level of trust between you and your patients. Trust is the foundation for any good relationship and in the case of medical care providers and their clients, the story is no different. Building that trust can take time and can feel difficult. However, it can be achieved when you implement a few key steps.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are passionate about the topic of trust. We supply medical lubricant that our clients know they can count on for quality and safety, every time. Just as our goal is to build a relationship of trust with you, we know your goal is to build the same with your patients. Read on to learn more about the five ways you can build trust between you and your patients.

#1: Make Clear Communication A Priority

The first step in building trust between you and your patient is to prioritize clear communication. As is true of any relationship, clear communication is the best way to ensure wires are not crossed and that everyone is on the same page. From the first time you greet a new patient to the moment you say goodbye, make sure you are constantly striving for crystal clear communication.

Clear communication should involve some of the following qualities:


  • An unrushed approach: If you are in a hurry to glaze through one patient’s appointment to get on to the next, you run the risk of fogging your communication. Clear communication takes time. It requires both parties to reiterate points and to ensure clarity. Be sure you slow down and double-check that things were understood.
  • A desire to learn: Both you and your patient should approach any appointment with a desire to learn from each other. You should be learning more about who your patient is, what their specific needs are, and how they are currently feeling about their health. They should be there to learn how you can help and what approach they can take to solve any existing issues.
  • An ongoing conversation: Good communication involves constantly putting more into the relationship. Never let your appointment be the end of communication. Simple reminders for your client about upcoming appointments, checking in with them on new medication they were prescribed, or leaving an open door for questions can all go a long way in ensuring communication remains clear.


A lack of trust often is the result of miscommunication. This can lead to hurt feelings, frustration, and damaged communication down the road. Take a proactive stance and strive for clear, open lines of communication between you and your patients.

#2: Take Time To Simply Listen

One of the best ways you can build trust is by simply listening. Being heard and understood is one of the best feelings a human can have. When you provide a listening ear, you allow your patient to know you are a safe place to talk and that you will take the time to truly hear them out.


Listening is more than just a passive act of hearing someone’s voice. It involves engaging to ensure you are hearing correctly. When a patient shares something important to you, parrot what you heard back to them with the following type of formula:

“What I heard you saying is that ________. Is that correct?”


By listening actively, you can achieve a great level of trust as your patient will feel confident that you are operating with the right information about their health and their life.The more you practice this activity, the more it will become second nature. You will find this tactic will serve you well in all relationships.

#3: Deliver On Your Promises

A fast way to damage trust is to not come through on a promise. If you tell a patient you will do something, you need to deliver on that promise. Broken promises will quickly destroy any existing trust. It can be difficult at times when you don’t always have control over the variables of a situation but do your best to always stick to what your word was.


A good rule of thumb is to promise conservatively and deliver extravagantly. Doing more than was promised will never harm trust but doing less certainly will. When you aren’t positive about what you can deliver, do not promise or guarantee it. Be transparent with your clients and explain when something simply cannot be guaranteed.


If you do break a promise, make sure you express your regret and practice the three important words, “I am sorry.” Trust can be rebuilt when promises are broken but only if you truly seek to make amends.

#4: Practice Empathy

In the medical field, people are often coming to you at their worst. They are stressed, possibly facing a health crisis, and likely overwhelmed by the unknown. It is easy to lose your empathy after years in the field, slowly building a tough wall around your heart because you have seen it all. However, for your patient, whatever they are facing is probably a first for them and probably quite terrifying.

Make sure that you always practice empathy with your patients. Offering true care and concern goes a long way in putting your patient at ease and building a rapport of trust. This trust will become crucial when, down the road, you are asking your patient to follow your directives. No one wants to trust their health in the hands of someone who seems callous to their pain or struggle.

#5: Only Use Supplies From Trusted Providers

Trust is about more than just how you interact with your patients, it is also about what medical supplies they encounter under your care. It is critical that you choose to purchase supplies from only providers you absolutely trust.

The cycle of trust will always be broken by the weakest link. Don’t let your medical supply provider be that weak link. Here at HR Pharmaceuticals, we provide high-quality medical lubricant. We believe strongly that those who choose to purchase our products should be able to trust intrinsically that they will always receive a premium product. Our medical lubricating jelly is water soluble, non-spermicidal, kosher, latex free, and depended on by medical professionals around the country.

If you would like to learn more about purchasing medical supplies through HR Pharmaceuticals, we invite you to reach out and contact us today.

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