FAQs Lubricating


Can HR® Lubricating Jelly be used for personal use?


Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Semen/Embryo/Reproduction Friendly?

Yes, HR® has been university and independently proven to be compatible with sperm & embryos.

Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Safe for Pap Testing?

Yes, HR® Lubricating Jelly is safe for Pap Testing when you sparingly and appropriately. HR® also offers Surgilube® which is a preferred product for Pap Testing. Surgilube product information can be found at www.surgilube.com.

Does your product contain a Bacteriostatic?

Yes, HR® Lubricating Jelly utilizes two (2) bacteriostatic components: Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Latex-Free?


Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Micro-Flora Friendly?

Yes, normal micro-flora constitutes the non-pathogenic bacteria that colonize virtually on all surfaces of the human body. Normal flora causes no harm to their host; in fact serves a vital function as a protective barrier that aids in the prevention of infection and colonization of pathogenic microbes on the body.

Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Kosher Certified?

Yes, Orthodox Union.

Is HR® Lubricating Jelly compliant to HCPCS Coding Verification?

Yes. A4402 - LUBRICANT PER OUNCE - Medicare B allows up to $1.72/oz or $6.88/tube. A4332 - LUBRICANT PER PACKET - Medicare B allows up to $0.13/Packet

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